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Our fully trained teams deliver a range of specialist cleaning services.

Utilising specialist equipment and advanced cleaning techniques all services are tailored to the requirements of our clients whilst adhering to the highest standards of health and safety. 

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Our highly trained rapid response cleaning specialists work discreetly and professionally to carry out biohazard decontamination cleans in defecated or in areas that are heavily soiled with bodily fluids.

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Covid-19 has been brought to the forefront of every building managers mind the importance of post infection cleaning. We have been leading the way in post infection cleaning within office spaces and care homes for a number of years now and are well versed in thoroughly and safely removing traces of potential infections from surfaces that could have been inadvertently contaminated.

Our service offers guaranteed sanitisation of your premises within 60 minutes of the invisible bio-detergent agent being applied and forming a protective layer to surfaces.

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Antimicrobial spray is a highly effective type of disinfectant. It works by forming an invisible antimicrobial coating that minimises the spread of infection. 

Using our specialist product delivering a 99.999% reduction in antimicrobial efficacy, we use a range of techniques awarding you, your staff and any visitors to your location up to 28 days protection.

With our awarded techniques we can provide your location with a Safer SpacesTM guarantee.

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Antimicrobial spraying

The water-based solution aggressively adheres to surfaces, creating strong bonds that provide short-term and long-term disinfecting protection. Antimicrobial agents activate surfaces, continually killing germs and bacteria over time.

The Benefits of Antimicrobial Spray

  • Thoroughly disinfects surfaces
  • Provides long-term residual protection
  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, mold and mildew
  • Does not wash off once applied

This commercial cleaning service is available for use in hospitals, offices, schools and other public places and is typically used on:

  • Phones, desks, keyboards, hand held computer devices
  • Touch points such as lights, door handles and lift buttons
  • Bathrooms
  • Common areas
  • Kitchens
  • Tables, walls and other surfaces…anywhere really that your staff, students, patients, visitors or clients may touch.

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Biohazard cleaning

We react quickly to your call to limit the progression of health and safety hazards and ensuring containment of the biohazard substances and spillages as quickly as possible whilst protecting the affected area to prevent cross contamination.

We will thoroughly clean, sanitize and deodorize any unsafe environment and remove and dispose of all biohazard infected materials allowing. 

Common biohazard services that we deal with for our clients:

  • Crime scene cleanup
  • Suicides, deaths, homicides, accidental deaths
  • Unattended decomposition cleanup – removal of human remains
  • High risk accident cleanup
  • Bodily fluids and tissue cleanup
  • Airborne pathogen and blood cleanup
  • Infectious disease, viral and microbial site disinfecting
  • Animal biohazards
  • Drug den clearance
  • Chemical spills

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Post-infection clean

We’ll survey what’s required and provide you with an accurate quote. After preparing your property for the sanitisation process our fully trained staff with then sanitise your property or business with a bio-detergent agent through what’s known as a fogging machine – this process normally takes between 30 and 90 minutes.

We always use environmentally-friendly bio disinfectants so it is completely safe to use in places where there are children or animals.

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First impressions make lasting impressions

We care about the impression your business makes to your staff, customers and visitors which is why our specialist cleaning services ensure you have a healthy and clean environment both on the outside and on the inside.

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Offering either a stand-alone service or as part of a tailored contract cleaning package our internal and exterior window cleaning service will leave your windows gleaming and provide a great first and lasting impression.

With the ability to use our reach and wash system and clean up to 70’, we can provide your building with clean widows even at height.

Our water is specially filtered to deliver 0 parts per million of total dissolved solids. This means that our filtered water contains no minerals and is able to provide a spot free clean.

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Does your building or cladding need cleaning? Walkways or car park need cleaning? We can do that!

We don’t just clean the inside of buildings – we also beautify the outside. Our power washing services will help you to make a great impression from the moment your staff, customers and visitors step foot on your property.

Our pressure washing service enables us to tackle the toughest industrial and commercial cleaning jobs. Offering both hot and cold pressure washing services our team of experts are able to tackle everything from general dirt and grime to graffiti and chewing gum removal.

We also have equipment that has the ability to deliver super-heated steam up to 150 ̊C that enables us to clean stonework/concrete hygienically and remove organic growth from your building without the need for harsh water pressures.

Get in touch for further details and to request a demonstration.

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Litter around your premises looks unwelcoming and unsightly, unprofessional and gives a bad impression of your business whilst harming the environment.

We also provide a quick response service for the safe removal of needles and syringes. Our professional team are fully trained in sharps removal which includes disposal, decontamination and sanitisation of the full area in line with Health and Safety and environmental guidelines.

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Pressure wash

Our wide range of external pressure wash cleaning services includes:

  • Forecourts
  • Pathways
  • Pavements
  • Exterior walls
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Car parks
  • Fascia and soffit cleaning

 The benefits of power washing

  • Removes dirt, grime and mildew
  • Prevents stains and other damage
  • Lengthens the life of a buildings exterior
  • Better curb appeal

So whether your building and surrounding grounds need a general clean or something more robust we have a solution and the expertise for you.

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Litter removal

We offer professional, safe clean-up solutions to eradicate all your litter problems and we ensure that litter is dispose of in an environmentally friendly way.  

Our litter cleaning services are suitable for all businesses across all sectors and can be set up as part of a regular contract or as a one off clean. Contact our professional team today for more information.

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Window cleaning

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Builders cleans 

After the dust settles, you can trust our builders clean team to bring out the shine in your building project. Keeping safety standards in mind, our expert cleaners will adhere to your builders requirements whilst leaving you with a high quality finish.

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Inevitably following any construction and building work such as a new build, renovation or repair the premises and area will need to be cleared and cleaned both inside and out.

Our specialist cleaning team are fully trained in all the health and safety requirements for builders cleans and equipped with the necessary equipment and appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure a thorough job every time.

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Using professional machines and quality detergents our exceptional carpet cleaning service extends the life of your carpets and keeps them in tip top condition.

Using the latest in extraction equipment we have ‘Cleansmart’ operatives trained in professional and effective carpet cleaning.

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Our sparkle cleans add that extra wow factor right after the completion of your building project or refurbishment so whether you’re looking for a complete after builders clean of an office, commercial unit, retail shop, hotel, educational establishment or home our team has the experience and specialist equipment to ensure a pristine clean following any construction work. 

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Whether you require high level cleaning, commercial kitchen deep cleans we can or a petrol forecourt clean we have the skills, knowledge and equipment to complete the cleans to the highest available standards.

We’ve worked on nationwide construction and refurbishment projects and our comprehensive builders cleaning service ensures the safe and efficient removal of dust and debris internally and externally so that your property is clear, safe and ready for your sparkle clean.

We follow strict health and safety protocols and have £xxx public liability insurance.

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Our carpet cleaning service removes dirt and stains that vacuuming alone cannot reach. This will keep your carpets smelling clean and fresh as well as the valuable health benefits to your staff and visitors of helping to remove dust mites, bacteria and other allergens.

If you have any carpeted area’s you need cleaning, whether it be as a one off or as part of an ongoing scheduled maintenance program give us a call for a free no obligation quote.

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Our reliability and flexibility to work around your deadline schedule 24/7 and provide quality results has led to our excellent track record working with construction and refurbishment companies.

During this deep clean of your newly transformed area we will remove any trace of the dirt, grime, debris and building materials – it will be like any trace of untidiness or dirt associated with the work was never there.

Services include:

  • Removal of rubbish and building materials
  • Exterior power washing
  • Deep clean of all surfaces paying particular attention to walls, doors, floors and fixtures
  • Window cleaning inside and out

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Working with HFM comes with many benefits.

Whether you need us to advise, consult or review your requirements you can rest assured that all our solutions are flexible, efficient, safe and cost effective. 

We stay ahead of the game but we do it right. We see the bigger picture and think long term. We continually invest in our business, our staff and our technology to develop our services and make a difference to the communities we serve.


We will respond to any job quickly and effectively and deliver integrated specialist cleaning services to ensure you maintain a healthy clean working environment.


We continually invest in our people. All our operatives receive the highest levels of accredited training.


Our expertise alongside the systems that we use ensure that we deliver professional and effective solutions to meet your business needs. With consultation prior, during and post works, you always have a complete picture of what services are being delivered, when they’re being delivered and when they will be completed.


We are focussed on creating a safe working environment, where our workforce feel empowered to be responsible for their own Health and Safety and that of others.