Specialist Cleaning

For the cleaning jobs that need that little bit extra!

Specialist Cleaning

The challenging and hazardous cleaning jobs that keep you and your building safe for your staff and visitors!

Individual tailor-made cleaning specifications and plans are developed to suit your situation and requirement

Anti Contamination Cleaning

As awareness increases for bacterial and viral infection and the role the workplace/public places have in controlling the spread develops, it is critical to ensure your premises are safe for employees and visitors alike. A cleaning partner with the knowledge and skillset in its trained staff who can react and complete cleans to prevent the risk of infection being spread throughout the workplace is a critical requirement for businesses in the 21st century.

With the impact of the 2020 Covid 19 outbreak in the UK emphasis is being put more and more on employers to ensure they have suitable controls in place to prevent the spread of viral and microbial diseases. Some basic cleaning products used by some cleaners may not be suitable in cleaning the surfaces thoroughly and it is unlikely they will offer any protection after the clean has been completed.

Our team of fully trained and certified bio hazard and decontamination cleaning technicians can complete a range of services on your premises to ensure you have the adequate protection in place. Our specialist team members are DBS checked and have extensive experience working and decontaminating in a range of professional environments including: schools, GP practices, industrial and manufacturing units, commercial offices and serviced offices.
We can work with you and consult to support you in ensuring your premises are safe and ready to use.
Suitable for all types of professional environments including: offices, education, manufacturing, leisure, hospitality and venues, food and retail.

Level 1

  • Sanitise and disinfect high frequency and touch areas as a increase in to the normal cleaning routine
  • High touchpoint clean

Level 2

  • Enhanced Sanitisation Clean
  • As above but with light coverage of disinfectant spray on walls, doors, washroom areas and kitchen as standard

Level 3

  • Electrostatic Microbial Clean
  • Using electrostatic sprayer and Teccare giving up to 28 day protection
  • Certificate of Disinfection upon completion of works
  • Recommended to be completed following a clean completed by current regime

Level 4

  • Enhanced electrostatic microbial clean
  • As level 3 but with a deep clean first
  • Certificate of Disinfection upon completion of works

Confirmed Cases

We have a specialist team of trained bio hazard technicians with experience dealing with this eventuality. Please contact us to advise and implement a fast and effective action plan.

Needle Sweeps and hazardous waste cleans

We can remove any concerning or alarming  waste from your premises safely and taking into account any contamination or spillage left behind by the waste. This will leave the space clean and safe to re occupy and ensure that risk of any microbial infection is controlled and managed.

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Harrison FM is Safe Contractor approved and a member of BICSc (The British Institute of Cleaning Science)

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